About us

ABM is a welfare organization established by the students of Baltistan studying in different universities of Pakistan in 2008. It is a non-political, non-religious, non-profitable, non-government organisation which provides a platform where Baltis from all spheres of life can get united and work for the betterment of the region.
The basic aim of this organization is to empower the youth of Baltistan with education because it is the only tool to get success in today’s world. The motto “Our mission to bring revolution” depicts our efforts that we want to change the fate of our motherland by a strong educational revolution.


Here revolution means to change the perceptions of people to meet the new challenges and to prepare the young generation to face the challenges of life. This organization is not a believer of confrontation, agitation or propaganda rather it encourages all people to work for the beautiful motherland because if Baltistan grow its literacy rate and develop its economy it will definitely strengthen our beloved country Pakistan.


ABM consists of a large group of dedicated people whose sole aim is to provide the most useful information and services to Balti people. Everyone who wants to join us will be welcomed with an open heart and we expect you to put in your best efforts for the betterment of our nation. Your suggestions and feedback are always worthy for us.

ABM Central Cabinet



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