ABM is working  with great spirit to bring revolution in the beloved motherland baltistan.It has 12 divisions throughout country.working with great zeal.This year ABM mirpur div., peshwer div., blochistan div.,karachi div. and other div. helped and guide students in their respective regions.Along with guidence all the div theitrself filled the the forms of candidates and also provide accomodation during entry tests.Uptill now ABM has launched several many problems of baltistani has  sucessfully solved by the organization.To solve the problems of baltistani students,all the divisions of the ABM is playing their role.Many talks  and gathering has sucessfully aranged with different head of departments and leaders. ABM played a vital role to solve the crises of double of reserved seat in punjab. ABM uses its all resouces for the implimemtation of the announcment. for this purpose ABM representatives talked  with C.M syed mehdi shah,Taqi Akhunzada(gen.sec.PMLn baltistan),G.M sikander  & other important persnalties.delegation of ABM also met with MQM representatives several times fo solve the problems of students.

last year ABM mirpur div.,peshawer div, abotabad div and other divisions provide accomodation facalities ,guided newcomers  help students during entry test &  help them during admission

several other projects has also lounched by ABM.  The aims and objectives of these projects are to give arawness and guide the students .

these projects comprise of booklet s, presentation  and career guidence programs.

uptill now four different booklets full of information have been distributed through out divisions among the students free of cost. the finance was arranged by the volenteers of ABM. followng are the names of booklet projects & presentation projects;

  • ABM list of reserved seat list for G-B
  • ABM list of all universities and their ranking
  • ABM tourism guide booklet
  • presentations on  on the topic “career guidence ” has dilivered in baltistani hostels and is continue…
  • presentations on  on the topic “drugs & its harmful effects ” has dilivered in baltistani hostels and is continue…
  • presentation on the topic “difficulties & oppertunities after intermediate for GB students” in uswa public school skd
  • career counseling & prospectus exibition in icc for 5 days
  • school survey program
  • conducted pre-entry test for those who were going to apeared in  entry tests of Engineering universities of pakistan.
  • wokring for the stability for newcomers in the respective universities.

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