ABM comprises of thirteen division throughout country.

All these thirteen divisions are supervised by central cabinet which is in based in Karachi.

All the divisions are supposed to follow the instructions directed by central cabinet.

the divisions remain active through out year providing their services.

The tasks of the divisions are to work for the benefit of the balti students studying in the particular area and cooperate with all the other individuals or organizations working for the benefit of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Admission alerts of the universities in a division is floated by the respective division and after confirmation it is spread throughout the country through SMS, website, facebook and twitter.

followings are the name of divisions:

Karachi division

Lahore division

Rawalpindi division

Sargodha division

Abbottabad division

Jamshoro division

Faisalabad divsion

Multan division


Peshawer division

Balochistan division

Baltistan division

Ajk division


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