Inspiration (Syeda Noor-un-Nisa Kazim)

I am a proud daughter of gilgit Baltistan Syeda Noorun Nisa Kazim and I belong to Sadaat Coloney Kharmang GB.MY family used to live in Karachi from where I started my early education.I have been an all time competitor in all respects. I got considerable scores throughout my secondary and higher secondary levels. After matriculation, I joined KCW Islamabad where I nourished myself both with worldly education,ethical and religious knowledges. It has been a very good experience for me to dream beyond what a common girls usually do, as my parents especially my father was far more than a closest friend and all times mentor for me to mobilize, energize, guide, and motivate at his best in order to make my dreams true. Since my school life I have always been a philanthropist and ready to put myself to serve the people in need especially in terms of service to the
physically retarded, disabled and suffering people in medical centers. This was actually the reason I wished myself to become a physician, so that I could serve the patients throughout my life. It would be the best thing if I could secure admission for MBBS in a Pakistan University, but that was not that much necessary because I believe that if someone is affirmed to fulfil his or her dream, then no social or man made excuse can stop him to keep her away to achieve it. So rather restricting myself to adopt some other field of studies or profession within Pakistan, My father nd I dicided to see opportunities outside the country. Out of many good options, People’s Republic of China , being the nearest neighbour and home of thousands of Pakistani students, business people and tourists suited the best as what we were looking for. So finally in September 2016, I left my parents, siblings and my dear homeland Pakistan for several years to achieve my dream as a Doctor from a well reputed Medical university of People’s Republic of China. As a middle class family daughter, it was not that much easy to decide going out of the country. People, even the closed relatives make many ifs and thens, but for me and my parents, they were just so called social norms and reservations ib order to restrict one from her destination. Other than my own and my parent’s wish, many quotations from the Holy Prophet PBUH motivated and endorsed our decision of choosing my next alma-mater in China as, “Educate yourself even if you need to travel to China for it… “. On the other hand the progresses made by China as a world economic tiger, miraculous growth in scientific and industrial production and research, competing the best western institutions in higher education made my decision further clear. The final thing, that I must endorse that, rather than waiting for some miracle to happen , one must take decision in time and strive the best to make it true