Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi (A real Philanthropist)

By: Web Admin

Recent decision of Government to put Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi in the fourth schedule of ATA and freezing his accounts has attracted a strong resistance and a severe backlash from the people of Baltistan. Many protests were carried out in all parts of Gilgit Baltistan and different cities throughout the country. Let  us have a look on the life of Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi and the projects which he undertook to uplift the socio-econimic status of the Gilgit Baltistan and the efforts which he made to improve the quality of education in the region.

Sheikh Mohsin is a very humble man who was born in 1938 and studied Islamic education from Najaf Iraq. His first endeavor in Pakistan after completion of his studies in Najaf was the establishment of Jamia Ahl-e-Bait in Islamabad in 1976. The institution was meant to impart religious education to shia students from far flung areas. His major feat in the education sector was establishment of Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust in 1994. A chain of schools named “Baltistan Public School” was started in different areas of Gilgit Baltistan where there were no private schools initially. So, Sheikh Mohsin was the pioneer in establishing private schools in Baltistan. The schools were opened in:

  • Khaplu
  • Shigar
  • Rondu
  • Kharmang
  • Keris
  • Skardu
  • Yultar
  • Hunza

Schools were opened in other parts of country like para chinar, Sobho dero(Sindh), Darra Adam Khel and azad kashmir.

Later on these schools were changed to Uswa Public School System.

These schools played a great role in uplifting of the educational standard of the region. These institutions imparted quality education to the young students from far flung areas without any discrimination of sect of caste. Thousands of students have been passed out from these schools and they produces thousands of professionals in various disciplines. Students of these schools are proudly serving in armed forces, in government institutions, as doctors, engineers, economists, bankers etc.

Currently there are more than 60 educational institutions run by Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi under Uswa Education System. details are:

Region Number of Institutions
1 Baltistan Region 16
1 Gilgit Region 05
1 Kurram Region 09
1 Bangash Region 10
1 Federal Region 04
1 Central Region 08
1 Kashmir Region 04
1 Hazara Region 04
Total 60

These schools are segregated in following categories:

1 Inter Colleges 10
1 Secondary Schools 20
1 Middle Schools 23
1 Primary Schools 07
Girls Exclusive
1 Inter Colleges 03
1 Secondary Schools 03
1 Middle Schools 01
Total 60

Apart from providing Education to the students from far flung areas, he also endeavored to provide helath facilities to people. in this regard he established two Hospitals and Healthcare Centers providing free medical services to the poor and needy patients in Baltistan.

Another biggest effort by Sheikh Mohsin was establishment of housing societies for poor people who had no shelter. he established two Housing Colonies for Kargil Refugees in Skardu, offering housing along with all amenities free of cost:

  1. Madinatu Ahlilbait 250 Housing Units
  2. Hussaini Colony 25 Housing Units

Moreover, he provide thousands of scholarships to needy people in different universities and colleges and made every effort to educate the poor and needy people. He established many institutions to impart religious education to the people alongwith mainstream education. Al Kauthar University in Islamabad is an example of this.

There are hundreds of other projects on which he is working. Freezing his accounts and declaring him a threat to state has already effected hundreds of thousands of poor people whom he was looking after. The housing colonies and the educational institutions are unable to function without the necessary finance which he was providing. The government should think on the tremendous amount of social work he has done and lift all bans on him immediately in order to save thousands of poor and needy people from suffering more.